About the Mediterranean Diet

What is Mezediet.com and What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet, is an ancient, and yet simple, diet that has been proven by recent studies to help you stay thin, live longer, and lower your risk of heart disease, arthritis, cancer and age-related memory loss. A Mediterranean Diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. It includes few saturated fats like the ones in red meat but plenty of healthier fatty acids like those found in olive oil. It also features moderate amounts of red wine. Mezediet.com brings you the latest news, recipes, and tips to help you follow the Mediterranean Diet.

What the heck is a Meze?

A Meze (Mezethes in plural) is a little Mediterranean dish designed to complement a beverage, tease the tastebuds and encourage diners to linger around a table for good conversation. These little Meze snacks range from dips and olives to meatballs and seafood and all the hallmarks of Mediterranean cuisine since antiquity — olives, fresh vegetables etc. 

We´re not sure if a Meze is really allowed on a strict Mediterranean Diet,  however, the word "meze" also describes a form of socializing as much as a group of dishes. Drinking without eating is looked down upon in Greece. It's not about sitting down to eat as much as being present to exchange ideas. The pace is leisurely, the content simple, the effect extraordinary.

This feeling perfectly describes our goal for mezediet.com. A website where simple content, and extensive interaction, will produce extraordinary and permanent lifestyle changes for all of our readers. So enjoy mezediet.com and live the Mediterranean Diet.